I like to play Frisbee, I'm a musician and an actor as well as a music teacher and acting intern, and I have an amazing and beautiful girlfriend ;)
This is my girlfriend. But not only my girlfriend, but also my best friend. She’s my shoulder to cry on and my anchor. We’ve been through so much together. I love her so much. Although we do fightfrom time to time, I still care about her and love her through everything. Her and I have made so many memories and I think about them all the time. Without her I don’t know I could survive this world. She is always comforting and sports me in all that I do. But I can’t help but be disappointed in myself because she does so much for me  but I don’t a lot for her. She puts up with all my bull shit and by the end if the day still can say that she loves me. I want to be the best guy I can be for her . I mean if it weren’t for her I would be in a dark place if she hadn’t saved me from taking that route. And she’s so amazing. She doesn’t like superheroes yet she is my superhero and she always will be. She’ll always be my cat loving coffee drinking sushi eating superhero. I love you Ashley. Now and forever. A lifetime guarantee or your money back


i had  a lovely day with the boyf today, went to urban outfitters then drove and ate at crepeville then we took a walk to the nearest starbucks. it was a lovely day .c:

I love you babe

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This is the love of my life Ashley. She’s sweet, funny, beautiful, and one hell of a cat lover. If anyone we’re to ask me to pick one thing I love the most about her, I couldn’t do it. I love everything about her. Her smile, her hugs, her kisses. I love singing to her, especially songs that I learn just for her. I want to marry her one day. That would be a dream come true. Having a place to live with her and call our home, movies every night. Letting her fall asleep on my chest. She’s the peanut butter to my jelly, the lightning to my thunder, brain to my head. Without her I’d be lost and alone. And I’m glad I can say we’ve been together almost 2 years. She’s beautiful and amazing and I couldn’t ask for anyone else <3
  • me: mom where are you?
  • mom: i'm on my way home
  • *6 hours later*
  • me: look who decided to show up

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what if my friends dont think im fast enough